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Salient features of Wanbury API Manufacturing
  • Closed product handling system from Dryer to final packing using PTS(Powder transfer system) for 2 major products Metformin & Tramadol
  • Pusher centrifuge in closed system
  • Dedicated equipment stream for Metformin HCl, Tramadol HCl
  • ISO Class-8 clean rooms for final processing
Reaction Capabilities :
In addition to General reactions, Wanbury is specialized in the following reactions.
Chiral Chemistry
Optical resolution
Grignard reaction
Sodium metal reactions
Metal hydride reductions
Friedel-Crafts Reactions
n-Butyl Lithium Reactions
High Pressure Reactions
High Temperature Reactions (250°C)
High Vacuum Distillations
Low temperature reactions (-80°C)
Tanuku Plant
Another US FDA Approved plant, is located at Tanuku in Andhra Pradesh. It is located 415 kms from Hyderabad. It is spread over an area of 18 acres.
Patalganga Plant
US FDA approved plant is located at Kaire Village, Taluka: Khalapur, District: Raigad, Maharashtra State. It is situated in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), a Govt. notified industrial park for chemical manufacturing. The site is located 80 kilometers south of Mumbai International Airport and is easily accessible by road. Resent Photo
Address :
Tanuku Plant:
K. Illindalaparru - 534217
Iragavaram Manadal
W.G.Dist., (AP)
A-15, MIDC Industrial Area,
Patalganga, Dist–Raigad-410 220
Maharashtra (India).