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Wanbury recognizes people as the number one asset of the organization. It works on the insight of developing people as its ‘sustained competitive advantage’. Hence, it puts lot of efforts in two areas (i) to attract and recruit finest people into the organization besides developing its existing people through coaching and training and (ii) Consciously works on developing “belief” in the individuals, which results into “can do” spirit.
Wanbury is build on 4 Tenets of HR
a place of  Earning
Reward and Recognition is a way of life at Wanbury. The philosophy of “Catch people doing something right” – K Blanchard and S Johnson from ‘One minute manager’ -drives our Employee Spot Recognition program, which being a cash reward scheme, encourages employees to stretch their wings above and beyond. There are host of structured reward programs aimed at continuously recognizing good performance/ contributions.s
a place of  Growth
Wanbury prefers developing 70% Talent and Future leaders within the organization through a structured career development process and 30% external induction in order to bring fresh views & ideas continuously. The governing principles are “Carpe diem” – employees to take charge while company provides all support for growth and simultaneous encouraging new & innovative ideas. The rapid business expansion and growth offers unique career advancement opportunities for Wanburites.
a place of  Fun
Wanbury believes that stress-free environment will always give higher productivity. Hence Wanbury consciously makes efforts in converting work and workplace filled with fun. Wanbury conducts round the year various activities led by fun committee, health and wellness committee. Full fledged Gym is available through out the day for all employees at Corporate office with instructor, in addition to Steam bath, Free massage facilities etc.

Medical help for all employee and family, stress busting programs and availability of Psychologists/counselors at the work place are some of the initiatives that keep employees physically and mentally up and running.