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Brand Name Molecule Therapeutic Area
Bonansa Elemental Calcium  and multiminerals from Algas Calcareas.sp   Women with menstrual cycle irregularities, Adolescence and Puberty , also in pregnancy and lactation
Bonansa D Elemental Calcium and multiminerals  from Algas Calcareas.sp + Vit D3 400I.U.  Pregnancy and lactation
Bonansa K2 Elemental Calcium and multiminerals from Algas Calcareas.sp + Vit D3 400I.U.+Vitamin K2-7   Prevention and treatment of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
Gro 9 L-arginine 3 gms    IUGR
Indukt-C 50 mg Clomifene citrate 50 mg     Ovulatory Dysfunction
Indukt-C 100 mg Clomifene citrate 100 mg     Ovulatory Dysfunction
Nitrofur SR Nitrofurantion 100 mg    Uncomplicated Urinary tract infection
Grofer  Micronised Dehydorepiandrosterone 25 mg     Improving Ovarian response in subjects with Diminished Ovarian reserve, Premature Ovarian againg, Poor responders
Myotol F  Myo-inositol 1000 mg & Folic acid 100 mcg  In PCOS