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WEAVE, as the name suggests weaves together one big, happy family that we call WANBURY. Eagerly awaited by employees for the next quarterly issue, WEAVE portrays stories of inspiration, commitment & professional success of Wanbury employees. It celebrates these performances,initiatives and highlights leaders who are itching to take Wanbury to the zenith of the industry. Through these articles, WEAVE captures the smiles of the proud Wanburites and their families.

We believe that motivated employees are tremendous assets for any organization. A motivated employee treats the customer well; the customer is happy and keeps coming back. It's not one of the best-kept secrets of success, but it is one of the most important components of our business, as thousands of patients count on us…Since we operate in almost all the states of India, pooling in our combined experience and distilling the right information from the right people is significantly important for any organization and in Wanbury we have a strong instrument — WEAVE.

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