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Environment ,Health & Safety (EHS):
Effluents: Liquid and solid
* Liquid effluent treated through an effluent treatment plant
* Effluent containing non-biodegradable high TDS is treated through two stage forced evaporation system
* Solid waste is incinerated in an industrial incinerator and / or sent to secured land fill area approved by APPCB.
Air Emission
* Cyclone dust collector installed before the boiler stack
* Vapor scrubbers are installed in all the production blocks
* Regular monitoring of treated liquid effluent quality and also of the quality of air emission is being carried out.
* Periodic health checkup of the employees is conducted
Disaster Management
* Documented disaster management plan is in force. Fully trained teams for first aid, fire fighting, rescue and evacuation are formed
EHS Training
* Regular training / practice sessions are being held to refresh and upgrade the strength of the EHS team