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At Wanbury, the corporate philosophy to support social causes is followed to the word. Wanbury has taken up various initiatives like:

National Eclampsia Registry -The FOGSI – ICOG initiative:
Wanbury supported a noble cause – National Eclampsia Registry – project initiated by FOGSI & ICOG. Eclampsia is hypertension during pregnancy, which leads to convulsions and may lead to the death of the mother as well as the child. The National Eclampsia Registry, the FOGSI-ICOG outfit, is the outcome of this need. Eclampsia and PET are identified as major contributors to maternal death. Around 10% of women develop PIH or pre-eclampsia (figures are much higher in India but we do not know). The later is particularly serious and can be fatal. The causes of pre-eclampsia are unknown but it can be identified and culmination into eclampsia, a seriously debilitating consequence can be prevented.

Wanbury provided the platform to more than 20,000 Gynaec doctors all over India to discuss issues related to Eclampsia.

Mankhurd’s Children Home:
Mankhurd’s children home is an orphanage, which consists of around 500 girls and boys who are physically and mentally challenged.

Wanbury supports the orphanage by regularly providing medicines to the children.

Telemedicine is the use of electronic communications and information technologies to provide clinical services when participants are at different locations. This term is often used to encompass a broader application of technologies to distance education, consumer outreach, and other applications wherein electronic communications and information technologies are used to support healthcare services. Videoconferencing, transmission of still images, e-health including patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education and nursing call centers are all considered part of telemedicine.

Wanbury initiated telemedicine with a motto to improve patient care, enhance medical training, standardize clinical practice, stabilize costs and unite clinicians worldwide.

Following are the timings when doctors will be available:
Tuesday and Friday – 3 to 5p.m
Phone no – 91-22-67942222
If you have a web-cam, video conferencing can be done. Please call in case you need assistance for the same.