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Wanbury is the largest manufacturer of some of its products like Metformin, Tramadol and Salsalate for the US market. Wanbury caters to more than 50% of the US market in these products and exports to over 50 countries, 65% of which comprise regulated markets. Wanbury has three manufacturing facilities including two US-FDA approved multi-product facilities. Wanbury maintains its leadership position by taking initiatives like ‘margin improvements including process alterations’, ‘backward integration’ and ‘long term supply chain management’.

Wanbury’s clients are some of the leading global generic players including Apotex, Teva, Mylan, McNeil etc.

Wanbury has filed over 27 DMFs and has two approved product patents to its credit namely Sertraline Hydrochloride and Carvedilol. Wanbury has applied for five product patents and one process patent and has a basket of over 23 API products.

Main Products:
Products Category
Metformin Anti diabetic
Metformin DC
Tramadol Anti Analgesic
Sertraline Anti depressant
Diphenhydramine Hcl Anti Histaminic
Diphenhydramine Citrate Anti Histaminic
Mefenamic Acid Anti Inflammatory
Paroxetine Hemihydrate Anti depressant
Promethazine Anti Histaminic
Glucosamine Anti Arthritis
Clopidogrel Anti Thrombotic
Levitiracetam Anti epileptic
Carvedilol Phosphate Monohydrate Anti hypertensive
APIs : Intermediates
List of Intermediates that can be delivered at LAB & Plant scale.