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Wanbury follows robust processes for talent management, leadership development, employee engagement, employee health and wellness and fun at work. Wanbury also partners with world renowned HR consultancy firms to institutionalize “Gold Standard” people processes that help individuals to maximize their potential in order to build their careers.

Wanbury has successfully implemented processes on competency mapping, individual and career development plan, compensation and benefit benchmarking, Performance & KPI automation and employee reward and recognition to leverage latent capabilities of its human resources.

Talent Acquisition, Development & Engagement
Over the years, Wanbury has filled up its leadership roles through hiring professionals trained across leading campuses like IIM A, IIMC, XLRI, IIT’s, UDCT, VJTI, Universities abroad etc. and who have worked at companies like JP Morgan, Pfizer, Tata Strategy Management Group, PepsiCo, DRL, Sandoz, Nestle, and Ciba etc.

Wanbury hires and promotes talent across various levels by using Scientific Selection Techniques like Personality Profile Assessment in addition to Behavioral Assessment, Competency Based Interviewing and General ability tests. The Personality Assessment Tool is being used in collaboration with a leading international consultant specialized in scientific assessments.

Continuous Learning Organization
Wanbury believes in continuous learning culture. The Training and Development programs are intensive, focused, educative and practical. Wanbury has a tie up with leading External Trainers and Institutes for employees across various levels. Wanbury has an Internal Training Cell dedicated towards its sales force.
Wanbury’s leadership development programs comprise of :
* Functional Training
* Behavioral Training
* Out – bound Training
* Coaching and Mentoring
Management Development Programs
Wanbury is associated with prestigious Institutes for MDPs for middle and top layer management employees and E-MBA programs covering the first and second line sales managers at multiple locations across the country.